I am a classically minded sadist, with old fashioned values in one corner and a modern flair in the other. Originally from Scotland (with a Jean Brodie style accent), I have invested in my own premises in Bloomsbury, WC1N. My specialities are pain play, strict bondage, predicament bondage, mummification, role play, strap on, corporal punishment (including judicial) and leather worship.

At the realisation I gained sensual, spiritual and intellectual pleasure from inflicting various forms of deviancy, my future occupation and life path was assured. BDSM is part of my personal sexuality, not simply a means to an end. I've been playing in a professional capacity for 12 years and even more in my private life, providing me with forunate opportunities to branch out into fetish modelling internationally, appearing on numerous websites (a highlight being the one and only Other World Kingdom) and also becoming involved in events (previously House Mistress at Club Pedestal, London Fetish Fair, Club Antichrist). You will find me approachable, yet with a deviant twinkle in my green eyes and a dry vintage of humour.

Sincere, polite and humble slaves, submissives, fetishists and masochists are invited to introduce themselves. Not one inch of your flesh will go unaltered, un-prodded or un-mistreated should I choose it. However this is done with understanding and duty of care - your body is my instrument, my cane the bow with which a glorious tune can be played...

Be assured that discretion is of the highest importance, and I expect the same in return.


Make yourself uncomfortable.


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